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The effects of femur fractures after a car crash

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2023 | Personal Injury |

A broken femur is one of the most painful injuries after a car accident. Maryland drivers appreciate how costly such an injury can be and do well to drive safely on roadways. Inclement weather and distractions are two leading causes of car accidents, and motorcyclists and pedestrians are at the most significant risk of a femur injury after a collision.

Femur bones run the length of your thigh to your knee. It’s the strongest bone in the human body and the toughest to break. Vehicle occupants are less vulnerable to femur fractures because they have the automobile to absorb most of the impact. Femurs can still be broken in car accidents, especially in cases where seatbelts are not engaged.

Car accidents with broken bones

Broken femur injuries generally require immediate medical attention. Because of their fragile bone structure, older adults are also more susceptible to femur breaks after a motor vehicle accident. If you’ve ever heard of someone with a rod in their leg, it’s likely due to a broken femur.

Femur injuries don’t require an overnight hospital stay if it’s the primary injury. Treatment options include rest, pain management, a cast, and crutches. Antibiotics might be prescribed to prevent infection if the skin is broken or resetting the bones with rods and screws when necessary.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy are part of the recovery process, and most people regain full use of their legs after some time.

Vehicle accidents and injuries

Most people with a healthy prognosis will return to work after a motor vehicle accident. Some people might have long-term aches and pain after the injury, requiring additional medical intervention. It’s always wise to drive safely and obey the rules of the road.