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Information For Current Clients

Meeting Of Creditors And Trustee- Addresses

6305 Ivy Lane, Suites 621 or 622
Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
The building is next to the Greenbelt Marriott Hotel

300 West Pratt Street, Suite 350
Baltimore, MD 21201
The building is across the street from Camden Yards Stadium

Washington, D.C. Chapter
13 clients-

U.S. Courthouse
3 & Constitution Avenue, NW, Courtroom 24 rd
Washington, DC 20001

Chapter 7 clients-
1110 Vermont Avenue, NW, Room 210
Washington, DC 20005
The building is near Thomas Circle and 14 Street, NW

All clients should arrive at least 15 minutes before your hearing to meet with the attorney to review your case and go over any questions you may have before the hearing.

What You Need To Bring To The Meeting Of Creditors

The trustee will need to see a picture ID, such as a driver’s license and proof of your social security number. The proof of social security number can be your social security card, your paycheck stub if it has your Social Security number on it or a W-2 form. The proof must be something a third party has prepared, therefore, your tax returns are not acceptable.

For Chapter 13 clients, you must also bring in proof of all sources of income, including proof of income of a non-filing spouse, such as paycheck stubs, copies of leases if you are renting property, copies of court-ordered child support, if you are receiving such support, etc. You will also need to bring a copy of this past year’s federal and state tax returns.

When You Need To Send Payments To The Chapter 13 Trustee

The first payment is due 30 days after your plan is filed. If your plan is filed June 1, your first plan payment is due July 1; if your plan is filed Feb. 1, your first plan payment is due March 3; if you filed Aug. 15, your first plan payment will be due Sept. 14, etc. Thereafter, the payments are due every month on the same day each month. If you filed June 1, the payments will be due July 1, Aug. 1, Sept. 1, etc. and continue making the payments until the payments are withheld from your pay or until the case is closed.

Where To Send The Plan Payments

You will need to send the payments to the trustee assigned to your case. About a week after you file the case, the trustee assigned to your case will send you a letter advising you that he or she has been appointed as the trustee in your case and will provide you with payment and other information. Below is a list of the payment addresses for each of the trustees:

Timothy Branigan
PO Box 480
Memphis, TN 38101

Nancy Spencer Grigsby
PO Box 853
Memphis, TN 38101

Ellen W. Cosby
PO Box 1838
Memphis, TN 38101

Gerard R. Vetter
PO Box 580
Memphis, TN 38101

Cynthia A. Niklas
4545 42 Street, NW, #211 nd
Washington, DC 20016

Please make sure that your case number is clearly written on each payment you send to the trustee. Also make sure that your payment is received by the trustee on the date that it is due, this means that you will need to mail the payment several days before it is due to ensure that it is received by the trustee on time.

Bankruptcy Court Addresses

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
6500 Cherrywood Lane
Greenbelt, MD 20770

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
101 West Lombard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Washington, D.C.
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
333 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Sale Or Refinance Of Real Property

You may not sell or refinance a mortgage loan while you are in bankruptcy without first obtaining the Trustee and the Court’s approval. If you sign a contract for sale while you are in bankruptcy, the contact should contain a contingency clause that states that it is subject to court approval. The contract should immediately be sent to this office. If you are refinancing a mortgage loan, you need to let this office know and send a letter from the lender which states that you have been approved for a loan in the amount of $______ (fill in), interest is __% to be repaid over a period of ___ years.

Chapter 13 Trustee Forms And Information

You may go to the Chapter 13 trustee’s web site, to obtain forms to approve the purchase of a vehicle, monthly business report forms, answer basic questions relating to your Chapter 13 case and the trustee’s correspondence and payment addresses. Just scroll down on the home page and click the name of the trustee appointed in your case.

When You Can Expect To Receive A Discharge

Chapter 7 Clients-
Assuming no creditor has filed an objection to your discharge, you can expect to receive the discharge about three months after your meeting of creditors, and after you have completed a second financial management course and filed the certificate of completion with the court.

Chapter 13 Clients-
After the Trustee has received all the payments in your case, he or she will advise the court that all payments have been made and the court will then enter a Discharge Order in your case, assuming you have filed a certification of completion of the post-filing financial management course. This could be anywhere from three to five years after you filed the case depending on the length of your Chapter 13 Plan. If the payments are coming from your employer due to a wage withholding order, the trustee will advise the employer to stop sending him or her payments in your case. Any payments received by the trustee after that will be refunded to you.