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Pursuing Legal Action After An Animal Attack

Last updated on July 27, 2020

Dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their animal is under control and not posing a threat to neighbors. Across the Maryland and Washington, D.C., area, children are often the victims of dog bites or attacks. After a child is bitten by a dog, it is not unusual for them to develop a lifelong fear of dogs that may require counseling to overcome.

Negligent dog and property owners can be held accountable for your injuries, including being required to provide compensation for:

  • Unsightly scars
  • Disfiguration
  • Developed fear
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Medical costs in cases of severe damage
  • Loss of present and future income

Do Not Represent Yourself

On most occasions in which an individual is injured due to the negligence of another party, the case settles out of court with a resolution that is mutually satisfactory to both parties. An experienced lawyer can assist you in reaching a settlement for your case most efficiently, as it is not likely that the average individual in a case such as this knows enough about what is required to reach a substantial settlement.

In addition, by representing yourself in a legal case, you may inadvertently put yourself in a position in which your lack of legal knowledge might negatively affect your case’s outcome.

Depending on the level of injury and trauma, our attorneys at Morris Margulies may be able to assist you in filing a lawsuit against a dog owner to hold them accountable for the actions of their dog. This is particularly true if the owner failed to take proper precautions for an especially dangerous dog. Dogs who have previously attacked others or bitten others are menaces, and their owners should be taking special precautions.

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If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog and has incurred medical expenses, expect to have scarring that will not go away or have mental anguish as a result of the bites.

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