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Pedestrians face dangers and injury risks

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Blog, Personal Injury |

The old adage that pedestrians must look both ways before crossing the street still applies. Considering how technology contributes to increased distracted driving incidents, Maryland pedestrians should be careful anytime and anywhere near vehicles, including parking lots and driveways. Pedestrians could suffer fatal injuries when hit by a vehicle, so alertness may work in their favor.

Pedestrian injuries

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released figures related to pedestrian accidents. 2020 saw 7,000 pedestrians die in fatal collisions. Others suffered severe injuries, as the human body cannot withstand the impact of a vehicle. Broken bones and worse injuries may result when a car hits someone.

Pedestrians could look closer at the factors contributing to accidents. Older persons might be at greater risk of becoming accident victims, which could help them be more aware of their surroundings when walking. The same applies to people walking in poorly lit areas or those who suffer distractions from headphones while jogging.

Reckless injuries

While pedestrians should take steps to protect themselves when near vehicles, some drivers operate their cars recklessly, increasing danger for everyone. Drivers who speed or make illegal turns could hit someone in an intersection. A distracted driver who pulls out of a parking spot without looking could hurt someone and face a personal injury claim. Drunk drivers also pose constant dangers to people.

Pedestrian injuries could leave someone spending months in the hospital and undergoing multiple surgeries. People may find their lives permanently altered because of catastrophic injuries. Such outcomes might leave someone facing substantial financial hurdles accompanying the pain and suffering they may experience. Filing a personal injury lawsuit against all negligent parties that caused the harm may deliver a financial solution.