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Why THIS is the first thing that should be done after an accident

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2023 | Personal Injury |

When it comes to road safety, few states are trying harder to be proactive than Maryland. As part of its Zero Death Maryland program, the state is taking a data-driven approach to preventing fatalities.

They also strive to minimize the impact on drivers when there is an accident in the state. For example, by highlighting how hidden injuries can lead to longer-term problems if not identified and addressed.

How hidden injuries can impact the body after an accident

Unless there are obvious problems like broken bones, many people leave the site of a traffic accident shaken but grateful to be alive. However, many people are also in shock and might not be aware of hidden injuries that can worsen without immediate medical evaluation.

For example, a bump on the head with pain that increases could be an indication of a concussion or bleeding in the brain. Back injuries may not become debilitating for days, even weeks after impact trauma.

However, the possibility of hidden injuries isn’t the only reason the next stop after giving a police statement and exchanging insurance info should be to a doctor’s office or hospital.

Three reasons to see a doctor after a traffic accident

According to data released by the state of Maryland, there were more than 28,000 car accidents with injuries in 2021 alone.

The first and most important reason to see a doctor after an accident is to uncover hidden injuries and address pain before it begins. Adrenaline is released after such an event, so pain may not occur immediately.

Secondly, a medical assessment will be necessary to include with an insurance claim. In general, insurance companies give customers 72 hours to visit the ER or see their primary care physician, even if no injuries are apparent right away.

Insurance adjusters like to know that claimants are being proactive when it comes to how they handle traffic accidents. After all, they are a business above all else and want to pay out as little as possible in compensation.

Seeing a doctor immediately will lend credibility to the case if a claim for medical expenses or ongoing treatment is filed later.

Lastly, having a paper trail of all medical treatments and a prognosis will help bolster the case if legal recourse becomes necessary.