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Reckless drivers can cause injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Drivers must be responsible for their actions on the road. When someone ignores common sense safety rules, they put themselves and others at risk. Even so, many Maryland drivers ignore traffic rules in their rush to arrive at a destination. Such reckless behavior may result in a car crash and subsequent legal claims.

Reckless behaviors

When examining incidents of reckless driving, speeding plays a role in many vehicle crashes yearly, as it is a common and hazardous moving violation. The laws of physics factor into crashes involving speeding drivers. Namely, the faster a driver travels, the more force the vehicle might generate on impact. Severe injuries could result. Speeding drivers also risk losing control of their cars on turns and being unable to stop in time to avoid a crash.

Drunk driving leads to a significant number of auto accidents as well. Intoxicated drivers could pass out at the wheel, leading to a crash. Head-on collisions may occur when an impaired driver drifts into oncoming traffic. Even when awake, a drunk driver might struggle to understand their surroundings or react to events, leading to a crash.

Other reckless actions

A tired or drowsy driver might not think they are being reckless when getting behind the wheel, but drowsy driving shares many traits with driving under the influence. Fatigue can affect perceptions and reactions, and someone struggling to stay awake may pass out and crash.

Ultimately, anyone whose behavior is wantonly reckless increase the chances of auto accidents. These drivers might face personal injury lawsuits afterward.

Drivers carrying sufficient auto liability coverage may address claims with an insurance settlement. Still, victims might sue above policy limits or for punitive damages not covered in the insurance contract.