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Who is at fault for a car crash?

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Car accidents could leave victims suffering from severe injuries if not life-threatening ones. Significant property damage may result as well. Victims may wonder what their rights are under Maryland law. Essentially, those who suffered losses due to someone else’s negligence may have a credible personal injury claim. An at-fault driver might end up paying for negligent behavior provided proof exists the person was at fault. Proving fault may or may not be complicated, depending on the facts surrounding the accident.

The at-fault driver

A driver who did something negligent or failed to take steps to prevent an accident may face blame for a collision. Running a red light reflects egregious driving behavior, and not repairing worn brakes represents another potential example of negligence. When fault becomes apparent, the driver might face civil consequences. That said, plaintiffs would need to provide proof in court.

Ambiguity could exist about who was at fault for a car crash. The person at fault may deny he or she did anything wrong. Without proof, it might be challenging to prove a case. Sometimes, credible proof may overcome any tales the at-fault driver puts forth.

Evidence and fault

A driver may say he or she was nowhere near the scene of an accident. However, dents and paint scratch on the driver’s car tell another story. Witnesses could state they saw a collision, presenting more insights into who was at fault.

Photographs and video footage of car accidents could reveal everything. Dashcams might prove invaluable to those attempting to prove their claims in court or to an insurance company. Even photos after the accident may have value. The photos might establish how serious the accident was.

Medical records and police reports could also serve as evidence. With enough evidence, a plaintiff may have a strong case.