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What makes slow driving dangerous?

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It’s illegal in Maryland to drive too slowly because slow driving can be just as dangerous as speeding. The reason behind most cases of slow driving is distraction whether the driver is using their cellphone, eating, or talking with a passenger. Other factors contribute to the danger of slow driving as well.

Road rage

Slow driving can trigger road rage in other drivers. When people become angry, they may engage in riskier behaviors out of their frustration and desire to get past you. If there is no way to pass you, their anger can easily boil over.

Car accidents

Car accidents are more likely to occur when someone is driving too slowly. Another person’s frustration can lead them to aggressively attempt to pass you. A small mistake in their judgment of how safe it is to pass you could cause an accident.

Another way that slow driving causes car accidents are other drivers is more likely to tailgate the slow driver. When there’s not a safe amount of distance between cars, the risk of an accident is higher.

If a slow driver is in the left lane, it forces other drivers to pass another slow driver on the right-hand side. Passing cars is safer on the left-hand side because it’s not within the other driver’s blind spot.

Shorter reaction time

Other drivers on the road have a shorter reaction time when they come across someone who is driving too slowly. They might not realize quickly enough that the driver isn’t going the speed limit, which could result in them rear-ending them or causing an accident by slamming on their brakes.

Slow driving increases the risk of a car accident in many ways. Because the slow driver is usually distracted, this only adds to the risk.