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How drivers and riders can prevent motorcycle accidents

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Most people in Maryland understand that riding a motorcycle is less safe than driving a car. However, there are still many things that both motorcyclists and car drivers can do to prevent motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle crash statistics

Every year in Maryland, there is an average of 1,395 motor vehicle accidents that involve a motorcycle. These accidents result in an average of 71 motorcyclist fatalities. The majority of motorcycle accidents in this state occur between April and October, and most motorcycle accidents involve riders between the ages of 21 and 34.

What car drivers can do

Drivers can do a lot to prevent motor vehicle accidents with motorcycles. The first thing passenger car drivers can do is to remember to watch out for motorcycles on the road. Too many car drivers simply forget to look for smaller vehicles and then fail to notice them when they arrive.

Car drivers need to treat motorcycles just like any other vehicle on the road. Despite their small size, motorcycles still need the same amount of the following distance as a car. Before changing lanes or merging with traffic, car drivers should remember to check for motorcycles.

What motorcyclists can do

Motorcyclists also have a big responsibility to prevent accidents with cars. While riding, bikers should remember to signal and stay cognizant of distracted drivers. Motorcyclists may also prevent serious injuries by wearing proper helmets and other gear.

Filing a claim for a motorcycle accident

If you were injured while riding a motorcycle, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Your personal injury claim may be strengthened with evidence from traffic camera footage or a police report.