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Car accidents and driving in the fall

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Personal Injury |

One of the favorite times of many Maryland residents is when the leaves of the trees begin changing colors in the fall. Many people enjoy taking scenic drives on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Scenic Byway and other roads throughout the state to take in the beautiful autumn scenery. However, people need to take precautions while driving during the fall to reduce their risks of accidents.

Road hazards during the autumn months

The beautifully changing trees during the fall can present hazards to motorists. As leaves fall, they can accumulate on the roads and make the surface slick. Since so many people go out to see the beautiful fall foliage, motorists might also present dangers to other drivers by being distracted by the scenery instead of keeping their attention and eyes focused on the road. Other motorists should maintain a safe distance from each other to prevent potential accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Deer also breed during the fall, and an increasing number of deer cross the roads at night. People should watch for deer along the sides of the road to prepare to react in case they dart in front of their vehicles. Frost and ice are two more hazards that drivers should be aware of during the fall. Frost and ice can make bridges and other elevated surfaces slick during the morning commute. People should remain aware of the potential for frost and ice so that they can maintain control and avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Understanding the road hazards that can exist during the fall can allow motorists to prepare. Motorcyclists should be especially cautious to avoid leaf debris and ice on the roads. By keeping their distance from other motorists and focusing their attention on the roads, they might have more time to react to potential hazards and avoid collisions that might otherwise occur.