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Can you avoid a car accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Personal Injury |

At the minimum, car crashes prove inconvenient. At worst, people lose their lives in accidents. Maryland drivers may look at totaled vehicles on the roadside and wonder if there are ways they could avoid a collision. Sometimes, it could be possible to avert an accident, but some collisions may be utterly unavoidable given the circumstances.

Trying to avoid accidents

Controlling another driver’s behavior is impossible. One driver may travel safely, but an intoxicated driver could go through a stop sign and crash into the vehicle. Things might happen so quickly that the accident victim can’t get out of the way.

A driver cannot predict or prevent another motorist’s actions, but the person could make personal responsibilities a priority when driving. If a driver chooses to follow all safety rules and avoid moving violations, he or she may reduce the chances of causing an accident.

Avoiding incredibly risky behavior seems advisable. 186 drunk driving deaths occurred in Maryland in 2017, a figure that highlights why handing the keys to someone else makes sense when intoxicated.

While some might never drive while under the influence, they may drive above the speed limit. Drivers thinking they could avoid a ticket may take the chance of hitting high speeds. Doing so increases danger levels could lead to the driving being at fault for an accident.

Fault and accidents

Persons at fault for car accidents may end up paying for a victim’s injuries and financial losses. Even those carrying high insurance limits could lose personal funds if sued beyond the policy, a possibility when causing severe injuries or wrongful deaths.

Distracted and fatigued driving may increase the potential for an accident. Defensive driving skills might decrease the possibility. Hopefully, a mix of avoiding dangerous behavior and increasing a focus on safe driving could make some accidents avoidable.