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School crossing guard seriously hurt after being struck by car

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Personal Injury |

In Maryland, while first responders have been justifiably getting their due for their contributions to society and the work they have done in a difficult year, there are many other unsung workers whose job is to help with safety and security. A primary example is a school crossing guard. Parents’ fears that their children will be injured or lose their lives in an auto accident are lessened significantly because of the presence of these individuals. Their daily role is often forgotten, but still imperative. Although it is their job to be in the street, stop vehicles and let children cross, they are in a certain amount of jeopardy for injuries and death themselves. One recent incident shows the risk they are confronted with.

Crossing guard hit by car outside school

A school crossing guard was hit by a car outside the school where she worked and suffered life-threatening injuries. The crash occurred at around 3:44 p.m. A 2000 Acura collided with her. The driver stayed at the scene of the crash, was being cooperative and did not show any indications of impairment. The woman was taken to the hospital via medevac. The investigation is continuing to determine how and why the accident happened.

Long-term challenges often accompany an auto accident

People who are outside a vehicle and working in the road are inherently vulnerable to being hit by a car. Because there is no protection, they can suffer brain injuries, back injuries, broken bones and other damage. This can hinder them from getting back to normal while accruing massive medical expenses. With rehabilitative care, pain and suffering, the emotional impact, the chance of permanent disability and more, it can be overwhelming. Although it can be difficult to think about, it is vital to be fully prepared for every eventuality. Considering all the available alternatives – including a possible legal claim – is critical.

Consulting with experienced professionals can provide advice on how to proceed

Given the challenges the injured crossing guard is likely to face, it is wise to know there are options. After car accidents in which a person has suffered catastrophic injuries, gathering evidence and knowing how to move forward is a fundamental necessity. She and her family should understand the value of being fully protected. This is true for anyone who is injured or loses a loved one in a crash. Consulting with those experienced in these types of cases may be able to help with determining the next step.