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Maryland emphasizes avoiding auto accidents with Move Over law

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Personal Injury |

In Maryland, accidents with personal injury can happen in many circumstances. That includes people in a motor vehicle as drivers or passengers or those who are working. These factors can also combine and lead to people suffering extensive damage that leaves them in need of medical attention and long-term care. It can also negatively impact their financial circumstances and family life. One situation that is rife with danger is when there is an emergency vehicle stopped on the road. This can place people in vehicles and workers in jeopardy.

Understanding the “Move Over” law

The “Move Over” law is designed to emphasize the importance of vigilance and enhance safety. The state law is now two years old. When there is an emergency vehicle or a service vehicle ahead, drivers must change lanes. Even with the law, people can still suffer severe injuries due to a lack of compliance. A spokesperson for the State Police says that the goal is to make sure drivers who see a law enforcement vehicle, an ambulance or any service vehicle in the road move over for it. Still, the numbers show that work zone accidents remain a problem.

Statistically, work zone accidents accounted for more than 4,000 people suffering injuries and 53 losing their lives from 2014 to 2019. The Move Over law is just one way in which law enforcement and legislators seek to improve safety. Other measures include telling drivers not avoid distraction, to drive sober and obey the speed limits. Since the law was enacted in 2018, there has been a reduction of more than 70% in the number of tickets given out for a Move Over violation. People receive points on their driver’s license and a fine of $110 if they are cited.

Seeking legal remedies after an auto accident or work accident

Workers who are hurt may need workers’ compensation benefits and be off the job for an extended period. People who are in the vehicles can suffer injuries of their own and be confronted with medical costs, long-term care and other challenges. If the accident occurred in a work zone or because a vehicle failed to adhere to the Move Over law, it can be a key facet of a successful legal filing for compensation. Advice and guidance may be critical from the start. Consulting with a legal firm with experience in personal injury claims may be essential.